Know more about Hanan Almirah, her hobbies and passions.


Hanan Almirah Nishad

Hanan Almirah Nishad is a 8-year-old living in Dubai United Arab Emirates. She is from Kerala, India. She has 2 elder brothers; Shinas Nishad and Hamdan Nishad. She also have a little baby sister.

Hanan is currently studying in Grade 3 and she loves to read books like Geronimo Stilton, watch movies like Spiderman, and play games like Minecraft and Roblox. She has also been the main character in a drama program. Maths is one of her favorite subjects in school.

She has won the Gold Ribbon Award 3 times. Apart from these hobbies, she wants to be a fashionista, Mehendi designer when she grows up. She also loves gardening!